Get Orange Dragon Wings, RPGs, & More

Our logo is orange and black, and it’s absolutely crazy that we have no orange pieces.  So we decided to change that!  The following accessories are now available in orange:

 Grab the new orange accessories HERE

Convention Update: We are heading to Philly Brick Fest next week and we hope to see you there!  Public days are Sat the 26th and Sun the 27th.  Make sure to stop by our booth and say hi :)

Custom Lego Weapon of the Week – Spiked Mace

The spiked mace is one of our deadliest custom Lego weapons.  One swing of this nasty mace and your helmet or armor could be ripped apart.  And if you aren’t wearing armor…well let’s not even think about that.  Unless you want your minifigures to be on the other side of such a weapons, I’d grab several to equip your men instead!  Being covered in holes doesn’t sound like fun!

Behind the BrickWarriors Mask Ep. 2: Attack of the Cornu

Check out Cori’s latest video: Behind the BrickWarriors Mask Ep. 2: Attack of the Cornu.  Click on the link to watch!

Lego MOC of the Week – Miles of Tortuga: Grand Vessel

Aargh!  There’s pirates afoot!  And they’re in this awesome Lego boat!  The White Beret did an awesome job with this build.  I really like all the green, white, and gold detailing on the sides of the ship.  Very fancy!  All the pirate minifigures with their custom Lego guns are very intimidating!

Custom Lego Guns Highlight – RPG Launcher

Custom Lego guns galore in this scene!  These space pirates are fully equipped for battle.  I think the guy with his brains spilling out was probably shot from a distance with the RPG Launcher.  It’s definitely one of the most powerful Lego guns out there!  Grab one for your minifigures today!

Custom Lego Minifigure of the Week – Falls

Legomania has created an awesome custom Lego Minifigure this week!  I really like the combos on this minifig.  The wolf emblem works perfectly with the scenery and the arm guards help beef him up…it looks like he can fend for himself against the wolves!  The figure is really clean, which works well with the detailed background.  Great shot!

Custom Lego Accessory Spotlight – Metal Torch

I wanted to shine the spotlight on one of our brand new custom Lego accessories this week…the Metal Torch.  I’d say it’s about time someone made a real torch.  Any normal Lego flame fits into the top.  The torch works perfectly in medieval castles and dark caves alike.  Grab a handful today or you Lego minifigures will be left in darkness!

Behind the BrickWarriors Mask: New Products Sneak Peak

Check out this funny video from the Brick News Network about our newest release.  Click on the picture to view the video:

Get the New Kite Shield and Double Flail

Spring has sprung, and so have new BrickWarriors accessories!  We’ve just released the following brand new medieval accessories:

Grab the new medieval accessories HERE

Custom Lego Weapon of the Week – Hammerpick

We are releasing some brand new medieval fantasy weapons later today.  So in honor of that, I decided to focus on one of our old fantasy custom Lego weapons today…the Hammerpick.  It is a heavy weapon, but if your Minifigure is strong enough to swing it, the sharp end can rip right through your enemies armor.  So it’s pretty awesome I’d say.  Don’t forget to grab some of our old medieval weapons with the new releases today!