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BrickWarriors International Resellers
    Figuras UGO  - Mexico
        Mexican customers can order an assortment of BrickWarriors accessories at our official Mexican reseller.  - Sweden
        Our official reseller for Sweden carries almost all of our product line in most colors.  - UK
        UK customers can go to Firestar Toys for most BrickWarriors weapons, helmets, and armor.  - Germany/Netherlands
        Brickizimo-Toys carries a nice selection of the most popular BrickWarriors products.  - France/Belgium
        French customers can order most BrickWarriors products from La Petite Brique.  - Singapore
        Visit ToyBrickStation on-line or in person to pick up tons of great BrickWarriors products.  - Canada
        Neon Bricks carries the majority of our product line and offers some discount weapon packs.  - Belgium/France
        Bricks for Kids carries many BrickWarriors products with a focus on modern military.  - Australia
        MinifigWorld carries a wide range of BrickWarriors accessories, along with their own line of minifig stands.  - Australia
        I'mRickJamesBricks carries an excellent selection of BrickWarriors items from all themes.  - Japan
        Japanese buyers can find lots of BrickWarriors products on  - Hungary
        Kocka is the official LEGO® monobrand store in Budapest, Hungary, and they carry almost all BrickWarriors pieces!

BrickWarriors Social Media
    BrickWarriors Flickr Group
        The official BrickWarriors Group on flickr, a photo-sharing website.

    BrickWarriors Facebook
        Like us on facebook to keep up with the latest BrickWarriors news!

    BrickWarriors Twitter
        Get short, frequent updates from BrickWarriors on Twitter.

    BrickWarriors Youtube Channel
        Watch videos of new items, tutorials on how to play the game, and other looks into BrickWarriors HQ.

    BrickWarriors Pinterest
        Repin all of your favorite BrickWarriors pictures!

    BrickWarriors Google+
        +1 us on Google+ to see all the latest BrickWarriors posts.

    Chains To Champions on BoardGameGeek
        Check out the BoardGameGeek page for CtC for reviews, tutorials, and more!

LEGO® Fan Forums
        A huge forum with sub-forums for basically every LEGO® theme and even a Minifig Customization Workshop forum.
        Another great forum to discuss everything LEGO® related and show off your own creations.
        A website and forum devoted entirely to the castle themed LEGO®.
        A great place for Brick-Filmers to gather and share their work.

        The official LEGO® on-line store.
        A great place to buy individual LEGO® bricks and minifigures.
        Saber-Scorpions lair focuses mainly on decals, but also carries a small selection of BrickWarriors products.
        Searchlight Toys has a nice selection of BrickWarriors Products, including some of our 2012 Accessory Packs.
        A website devoted mainly to selling custom figures. MiniBIGS also carries a small selection of BrickWarriors products.
        EclipseBricks offers a wide variety of custom printed LEGO® and BrickWarriors accessories.

    Bricks and Minifigs
        You can find BrickWarriors at Bricks and Minifigs retails stores in Ohio, New Mexico, and Oregon.

        A great blog that features many of the coolest looking MOCs (my own creations) on the internet every day.
        A blog that features LEGO® related news and tips for building.
        A video blog that makes videos for tons of great LEGO® news and reviews.
        Formerly known as, this blog has lots of great MOCs and interviews.
        In addition to being a blog about LEGO® and zombies, Bricks Of The Dead also features a neat web-comic.
        A relatively new LEGO® blog that features interesting creations and news.

    The Brick Collectors
        A great magazine for LEGO® fans of all ages!